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2011-03-03 11:04 pm

Cataline's Revolution

That fool Cataline, who I managed to drive out of Rome with only four of my brilliant speeches, is attacking Rome now with an army of traitors and fanatics. Haha he was planning to assassinate me and destroy the Republic, but look at him now! Defeated by words. I guess I'm just that good lol.
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2011-03-02 12:15 am


Well if being exiled wasn't enough, now the Triumvirate has decided to proscribe me! I, the smartest and most well spoken person in ALL of Roman history, am now being hunted like a dumb animal! Hmph, if this were a debate or if we were competing to see who had the best speeches I would surely win, but these guys are playing dirty.

Ah well, as long as i dont lose my head i'll be fine ;)
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2011-02-17 05:45 pm


Well this sucks. After discovering Cataline's conspiracy I ordered that the conspirators should be executed without trial. Well apparently SOME people think this was wrong, even though it was for the people of Rome! Because of the "Decree of the Senate on defending the Republic" I should obviously be forgiven for this...but some people just don't understand lol. I gtg now, they're sending me to Thessalonica, and they destroyed my villas in Palatine, Tusculum, and Formiae... :'(